We stand four-square behind what we say here

Probably the most important of all the JOVENTA company’s principles that characterise its business dealings is to ensure the best possible relations with its customers. In order to achieve this highest aim we join forces with our customers in a close, all-embracing co-operative venture almost a partnership which we like to call Customer intimacy. And by that we mean much more than just selling popular, competitively-priced actuators.

It begins with research and development, continues on through drawing up the joint requirement profile for a new product and then often triggers ideas for future products or new applications. Working together with our customers and associates we are also constantly striving to make important contributions to the economic and eco-friendly performance of heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

This is why JOVENTA actuators are always a ’safe bet’ for HVAC systems everywhere thanks to their outstanding reliability and dependability.

The staff of the company take great pride in having the creativity that it takes to fulfil these fundamental corporate principles day in, day out. They do it by never forgetting what it is that the customer really wants and by having the will to make something that is already good, better.

We have no doubt at all that ultimate success has to be a joint task for our customers, our staff and our associates.